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1 • My story 

 At age 8...

'At age 8, picking up a leaf...

The way I see my surroundings.

• At age 8, picking up a leaf my brother Paul recalls, I began to place the leaf in between my eye and the sun, closing one eye, and then the other, blinking back and forth. Mesmerized, taken by how placing it up to the sun I was able to see through the leaf enhancing the treelike patterns that were with-in the leaf itself. Even as a youngster before a camera was introduced I felt a unique way of how I invisioned my surroundings. View more of this vision at abstract + juxtapose links above.


2 • My story

My first photo...

'My first photo and 1st race. I was hooked...

The lighting! The horsepower!

• I am race Inspired. My first photograph! A selfie! On a Canon Ft 35mm film camera, a self timer, an on camera flash and this stylish folded black plastic backdrop. It was 1979 when I went racing dirt bikes for the first time. I love riding motorcycles.  I soon took notice that even as a youngster I was witnessing the effects of the light dancing off the motorcycle rims, excited to snap pictures in between my racing. Always eager to get the film developed and return racing. I was hooked. Still am!


3 • My story

I make it...

"I don't take a photograph, I make it..."

The Zone System™ w/ Ansel Adams

• Being a son of a mechanical engineer. I have an analytical eye and attention to detail on the mechanics of things.  While In college studying commercial photography I was able to continue honing in my creative eye and the technical aspects of photography.  I was to exchange an art history class for an independent photo study of the world famous photographer, Ansel Adams and his trademark Zone System, putting strict focus on the effects of this technique. Truly inspired by this innovative process of working with large format film, detailed exposure indexing, scientific-mathematical film development and specialized printing techniques. I apply these techniques to my film and digital photography process today.

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4 • My story

The experience...


'Crunch time-deadlines,

Experience, solutions.

• Photography is filled with highly technical and artistic problems and solutions. It is essential to have a strong crew with good work ethic as unexpected problems always arise on even the most well planned shoot.  I learned the importance of flexible problem solving and an understanding of complex lighting effects working in the field of automotive photography. With each photograph taken I'm able to enter with a pre determined understanding and knowledge base that keeps it moving forward in a creative yet timely pace. All so important on the demands of todays commercial productions.


5 • My story



'Create & explore new ideas...

To think and see it differently.

• Creative exploration. Envision, create and explore fresh new ideas and solutions. Applying techniques and artistic visions to see outside the box. Always searching for a fresh new perspective.